Before you submit any work for publication at The Authors Haunt, either in the Library or The Vault, as part of an Anthology, Writing Project or Collaborative Project, please ensure you have read and understood the guidelines below.  If you submit work that directly violates these guidelines you may be prohibited from publishing further work at this site.

If there is anything you don't understand in the guidelines below, or you want to discuss these guidelines with the Site Administrator, please either PM or email Rob Hawes, the Site Administrator.


Can anyone submit work to The Authors Haunt?

As a general rule, unless you have been banned from the Community or have been specifically asked not to submit your work to this site, everyone is welcome to submit their stories and poetry here.  That said, when you do submit work please ensure you submit it in the right way and to the right place.

If you are a Resident Author (you have your own site and forum here and your name appears in gold on the Community) you are normally required to submit all your work for publication in the Library.  The only time you are permitted to submit work to The Vault is if you are taking part in a Collaborative Project hosted there.

If you are not a Resident Author you must submit all of your work to The Vault, unless you are submitting work as part of an official Writing Project or Anthology, or as part of a Collaborative Project managed by a Resident Author.


Can I submit any type of story or poem?

No.  At The Authors Haunt we do not publish, or allow to be published:

•  Fanfiction

•  Hardcore Pornography

•  Material that promotes hatred or violence

If the work you intend to submit fits into any of the above categories, please take it elsewhere.  If you are uncertain whether or not the work you intend to submit fits into any of the above categories, please PM or email Rob.  Otherwise, please feel free to submit your work to this site.


Is there any content that is prohibited in stories/poetry at The Authors Haunt?

The owner of The Authors Haunt does not believe in censorship or imposing any restrictions on the freedoms of speech or expression.  When it comes to the written word, there are few subjects that should be off-limits for authors and few scenes that authors should not be able to express in their work.  That said, while we won't impose strict rules regarding the content of stories and poems, we do expect authors to act responsibly when dealing with sensitive subjects.

For example, it would be easy for us to say that we do not allow stories that contain scenes involving sex between minors, or between an adult and a minor.  However, such scenes may be legitimate if an author wants to write about child sex abuse, child prostitution, or if they simply want to portray a realistic view of modern adolescent life.  It is a sad reality that children encounter sex far too early in life, and authors should always be encouraged to tackle difficult realities in their work.

However, authors addressing such material in their stories and poetry should do so responsibly.  Such scenes should not be included unless they are essential to the work, and if they are included authors should ensure that they provide appropriate warnings and disclaimers with their story to avoid causing readers unnecessary distress.  Examples of other sensitive subjects include scenes of rape, sexual abuse, bestiality, drug use, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, bullying and murder.

We do not prohibit any specific content, but rather we trust authors to use their own judgement, to provide warnings and disclaimers where appropriate and to not include unnecessary or exploitative content in their work.  We review all submitted stories and poems, both at the time of submission and whenever we receive a complaint.  If we feel that any author has not acted responsibly we reserve the right to revoke their ability to publish work here and/or to remove the offending content.

For more information about content warnings for stories, please review this page.  For more information about content warnings for poetry, please review this page.  If you have any questions or concerns, please PM or email Rob.


I see there are lots of forms used at The Authors Haunt.  Do I really need to use them?

The short answer is "yes".  Most of the work submitted to this site is checked and uploaded by a handful of people - most by the Site Administrator himself.  Using the submission forms saves staff a hell of a lot of time when it comes to getting work online.  Don't believe us?

OK, let's consider a simple short story.  In order to get it online it needs to be read, assigned to a genre, given a rating, given warning codes; it needs an icon to be created for it; it needs a summary to be written; and it needs to be uploaded to the correct place on the site.  Before we had the forms, most authors simply attached Word documents to an email and expected us to do the rest.  Excluding the time it takes to read each submitted piece, it took around an hour to upload each individual story/story chapter.

By completing the form you are telling us where the story/chapter/poem needs to be uploaded to, giving us a summary to use with it, providing us with the genre, rating and warning codes, and many people also provide us with icons to accompany their work.  As a result, excluding reading time it takes around five minutes to upload each individual story, story chapter and poem.  This frees staff up to work on other things, like improving services for authors and readers.


If I violate these Submission Guidelines, what will happen?

You could be prevented from publishing further work here at The Authors Haunt, though we do try to be fair.  Unless there is clear evidence that you have wilfully violated these guidelines, we will usually try to contact you, explain what has happened and let you know how to remedy the situation.  Often the worst that will happen is that your submission will be rejected/removed.  We only prohibit authors from publishing work here if they persistently or wilfully violate the rules, but it is something we are prepared to do for the good of the site if it becomes necessary.

If you are prohibited from publishing work at The Authors Haunt, you may appeal the decision by sending a PM or email to Rob.  He will then take the matter to the Readers' Circle for their opinion on the decision.