This search facility has been set up to enable readers looking for poems to quickly and easily locate work of interest to them amongst the many pieces published on Resident Author sites, in Anthologies and in Writing Projects.  To search, just type the word or phrase you're looking for into the box below and hit "Search Poetry".  Scroll down for further instructions.


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Search Engine Help


1. To search for multiple words and phrases, for best results use "+word1 +word2".  For example, if you want to search for a poem about a pet cat, search for "+cat +pet" and it will bring up a list of poems that use the keywords "cat" and "pet".  You can also exclude terms using this method, so if you want a poem about cats but which does not contain dogs, search for "+cat -dog".


2. Be specific.  If you search for the word "cat" alone, you will get all poems that use the word "cat" in the keywords or summaries, but also any that contain "cat" as part of a keyword or summary, including poems that use keywords like "communication" or "vacation".  If you want a poem about cats, try searching for "+cat +animal" or "+cat +pet" for best results.


3. Check your spelling.  Our search engine will not correct spelling mistakes, so try, wherever possible to ensure you are spelling your search terms correctly.  We try to include both American and English spellings of words (e.g. color and colour) and we always use standard spellings (e.g. vampire rather than vampyre).


4. If you have any problems, please contact the Site Administrator.