April 2010

Edition 0002


April 12 2010

Authors Chat with Geoff Brown - all members are invited to participate in an online chat with Resident Author Geoff Brown in The Authors Haunt chat room.  The chat will begin at 9pm UK time (5pm US East Coast, 2pm US West Cost, 7am April 13 Australia) and will last for two hours.  Be there at the start or join us during the chat!

April 30 2010

General Chat-athon - all members are invited to attend a mass group chat in The Authors Haunt chat room, an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and bond as a Community.

May 9 2010

"The Knife" Abstract Fiction Anthology submission deadline.

May 15-16 2010

Feedback Weekend!  All members are encouraged to leave at least three reviews this weekend, whether for a story or poem, for a Resident or Guest Author.  Those who manage to post at least three pieces of feedback will be given a specially designed award medal in recognition of their contribution.

May 21 2010

"The Knife" Abstract Fiction Anthology publication date.

June 1 2010

Launch of the new Poetry Writing Project - theme "Masnavi".  Submit before this date to get your special "early submission" medal.

July 11 2010

"Ghosts" Summer Mini-Anthology submission deadline.

July 16 2010

"Ghosts" Summer Mini-Anthology publication date.


In each edition of the Ah! Newsletter we will host a game created by a member of the Ah! Newsletter team.  The games may take the form of crosswords, word searches, riddles, or other brain teasers designed to test your powers of deduction and quite possibly test your patience.  The game for this edition has been created by Rose Strailo.

A cryptogram is a word, phrase or quotation that has been encoded.  Each letter in the puzzle has been substituted for another in the alphabet with no fixed pattern save one - if you decode one letter, you decode all instances of that letter in the puzzle.  So, for example, if you see the letter "C" and work out that it's been used as a substitute for "S", then all instances of the letter "C" in the puzzle can be changed to "S".

This cryptogram is a famous quotation, along with the name of the person who said it.  All you have to do is decode the letters and you'll have the solution.  PM me with the full quotation and if you're the first to reply you'll be given a gold contest winner medal.  The second person to respond will receive a silver medal, and the next three members will each receive bronze runner up medals.  So, can you work out what's being said here?



The solution to this puzzle will be published in the next edition of the newsletter, along with a list of prize winners.

The last edition of the newsletter, back in August of last year, had a cryptic crossword as the puzzle.  Unfortunately, no member managed to solve the puzzle, though a few had a good go at it.  For anyone interested in the answers, the puzzle can be found below.  The hidden name was "Maya Angelou".


The Authors Haunt is a big site, and as such there is always lots of work to be done.  While the staff on the site work hard to provide a wide range of facilities and services to authors, editors and readers, we are always looking for new people to help ease the workload and take on some of the tasks.  In this section of the newsletter you can find out about the latest vacancies and, if you're interested in one of the positions and have the time, energy and skills to do the job, you can learn how to apply for the roles in question.

Accredited Editor Project Manager

The Authors Haunt is looking for an individual with good management skills to take on the role of Accredited Editor Project Manager, helping to unite skilled editors with authors who require their help.  As manager of this project you will administer tests to editors seeking accreditation, award those editors with a rank based on their demonstrated skills and team them with authors requiring help that match that editor's skill set.  You will also administer the Code of Conduct for Editors, ensuring it is followed at all times and referring any breaches of the Code to the Site Administrator.  The Manager of this Project will be considered a senior member of staff in the Library Support Team, will be issued with their own unique identifying tag and will be able to participate in staff discussions regarding the management of the site.  If you are interested in applying for this position, please email or PM Rob Hawes.  Please note that you may not apply if you intend to become an editor in the AEP yourself.


We are always looking to attract new authors to the site, and to encourage participation from readers.  Feedback is one of the best incentives for authors interested in publishing their work on any site, and we have noticed that readers are often more inclined to leave feedback for an author if a topic has already been created and someone has already left feedback for that author.  It will be the job of those on the Reviewers Team to ensure that every author on the site receives at least one review for each story and poem they publish, hopefully encouraging others to leave feedback in the process.  It doesn't matter if you don't feel you are good at leaving feedback - training will be provided to help you fulfil this vital task.  We will also try, where possible, to ensure that you are assigned to authors and work in which you have an interest and would most likely be reading anyway.  If you are interested in applying for this position, please email or PM Rob Hawes.

Community Moderators

We're fortunate here at The Authors Haunt in that unlike many forums we rarely have problems with spam or cause to take disciplinary action against members.  However, the site is growing and as it does so the need for competent moderators increases.  We are currently looking to expand our Community Moderation Team, and though we don't have a maximum number of moderators we'd like to see at the site, we would like to have four in addition to the Team Leader.  Unfortunately, the team currently consists of the Community Moderation Team Leader with support from the Site Administrator and Library Support Team Leader, so four new members are required.  In order to be considered for this position you need to be fair and reasonable, an active member of our Community and a good team player.  You will also need to embrace our philosophy of Community Moderation, which is that where possible we always take the minimum action required to ensure the rules are enforced.  Warnings are only issued where serious breaches of the rules occur, and banning is always a last resort.  If you feel you are appropriate for this role and would like to help maintain order on our Community, please email or PM Julien.

Readers' Circle Members

The Readers' Circle is a committee of volunteers who provide a valuable service here at The Authors Haunt - they review the work of authors nominated or applying for hosting to ensure their work meets our minimum quality standards.  This means that decisions regarding hosting do no rest with a single individual, but rather are made by a group of readers who each look for different things in writing.  We are currently looking for six new members to join the Readers' Circle.  The work required is sporadic, but can be occasionally considerable.  That said, the new structure for the Readers' Circle means that individuals will only have to put in the extended work when they have the time available, and most of the time will just have to read one or two pieces of an authors work and vote based on that work.  Anyone may apply to join the Readers' Circle, though please be aware that if you are not currently a Resident Author and apply for hosting your membership of the Readers' Circle will be suspended while a decision regarding your application is reached.  If you're interested, please email or PM Rob Hawes.

Resource Managers

While the Resource sections are not an integral part of the site, they do enrich the services we offer here at The Authors Haunt, providing members with access to articles, advice and information in a clear, easy to use manner.  Creating these resource pages is a lot of work, so we are looking for people who have an interest in certain matters who can join our Resources Team and take responsibility for a page, or section of a page.  At present we have Resource pages for Authors, Editors, Teens, LGBT members and (coming soon) for Suicide/Depression resources.  We are also looking to expand this list to provide a little bit for everyone.  What we need are members who can find us useful links and articles, and read any articles submitted by members for those pages to ensure the content is appropriate.  These managers will also need to check the links on their Resource page once every three months to ensure they are still active and appropriate.  The amount of actual work required is minimal if spread amongst a minimum of five members, but would represent a considerable burden for a single individual.  If you are interested in helping out with the resources section, or becoming a Resource Manager in charge of a section, please email or PM Rob Hawes.

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