There is a vast array of resources for editors out there on the Net, but finding them can be tough.  Fortunately, The Authors Haunt's staff and members have already done the work for you, providing a list of links to sites and software you might find helpful.  If you have a link you would like us to consider for this page, please click here to submit it.


Not everyone has Microsoft Word on their computer, and the software is extremely expensive to buy, so AbiWord represents a great alternative, containing most of the features found in Word for the best price of all - nothing! is an online database of information and articles on a wide range of subjects.  With a well-deserved reputation for hosting reliable and accurate information, it is an essential fact-checking tool for editors.


Common Errors in English

A useful archive of common mistakes made by writers and the correct use of words and phrases.  This site lists the most common mistakes made by writers and provides an explanation as to why that usage is incorrect.

Not just any old dictionary, as well as helping you with correct spellings and word definitions, this online dictionary also has a range of other features, all of which are useful to editors, including a free translator, thesaurus, encyclopaedia and much more.


Dictionary of Slang

A dictionary of slang terms and colloquialisms.  The dictionary includes slang terms from the UK and US, as well as a large links section to sites with slang from other countries and specialist slang dictionaries (e.g. prison slang).


Dr Grammar FAQs

The Dr Grammar site is no longer updated due to the death of its creator, but the FAQs section is still a useful guide with a list of common mistakes and explanations regarding the correct use of words and phrases. is a Web Writing Style Guide and as such is primarily aimed at making web content work as effectively (and correctly) as possible, but as the majority of editors here will be editing online fiction, this is a useful resource.


Internet Quick Reference

A virtual library of significant websites created for a wide range of visitors, but for editors this is an important research tool, allowing you to find useful sites with the information you need.

A useful site that uses multiple sites and resources to help you not only to translate text into your chosen language, but it also helps you to identify languages and can translate entire web pages.


Open Office

If you don't have Microsoft Office on your computer, it can be very expensive to buy.  Open Office is free, open-source, multiplatform and multilingual office suite that is comparable to Microsoft Office, but without the hefty price tag.

Part of the family of sites, is a valuable resource for editors with an extensive online encyclopedia that's certain to be of use should you need more information on just about any subject.

Part of the family of sites, is an extensive online thesaurus with multiple alternatives for almost any word that's certain to assist you out whenever you're lost for words.

This link is direct to a section of the UsingEnglish site, their "Glossary of Grammar Terms", a fully cross-referenced glossary of linguistic and grammatical terms with definitions and explanations.



An online encyclopedia with a massive database of articles.  Even though just about anyone can edit almost any article in the database, the information is extremely accurate, making this site a valuable research tool for editors.