Though we try to provide a comprehensive collection of articles in our Reference Library, there are some articles published elsewhere on the Net that are a must-read for any editor.  The links below will take you directly to these articles.  If you have a link you would like us to consider for this page, please click here to submit it.

Dialogue: Punctuation, Capitalization, Spacing

Though this article was written specifically for authors, it is nevertheless a useful and informative guide for editors on the correct use of punctuation and grammar in dialogue, helping you guide authors to produce realistic and well-written conversations.


Editing Fiction

Produced by "Fiction Factor", this is a useful article listing a number of key questions an editor (and the author they're editing for) should be asking themselves as they review a story.


Get It Write

This is actually a collection of smaller articles - writing tips - with exercises in correct grammar and punctuation usage.  Any self-respecting editor would ensure their skills are up to par with these tests.


Punctuation Made Simple

Discussing the correct use of punctuation - particularly the colon, semicolon, comma, dash and apostrophe - this six-page article is presented in an easy-to-understand format most authors and editors will appreciate.


The Elements of Style

"The Elements of Style" is a reference book instead of an article, but it is the leading authority when it comes to the rules of language usage and so this online version of the book is sure to be of use to any good editor.