Though we try to provide a comprehensive collection of articles in our Reference Library, there are some articles published elsewhere on the Net that are a must-read for any author.  The links below will take you directly to these articles.  If you have a link you would like us to consider for this page, please click here to submit it.

Dialogue: Punctuation, Capitalization, Spacing

This is a useful article that discusses the use of punctuation and grammar in dialogue, making it an essential guide for authors who want to write effective (and accurate) conversations in their stories.


Get It Write

This is actually a collection of smaller articles - writing tips - with exercises in correct grammar and punctuation usage that would be extremely useful to any author looking to improve his/her skills.


Style: The Rhythm of Prose

This article from "Fiction Factor" talks about developing your own style and the importance of rhythm in your writing with some excellent tips even more experience authors can benefit from.


Ten Ways to Beat Writer's Block

Writer's block is the bane of an author's existence and this article from "Fiction Factor" provides some useful advice designed not only to help you learn to deal with it, but also to help you to recognise the symptoms.


Ten Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Though The Authors Haunt values quality over quantity, it can be extremely satisfying for an author if they can increase their output.  This article from "Fiction Factor" looks at techniques designed to help you increase your productivity.


The Elements of Style

"The Elements of Style" is a reference book instead of an article, but it is the leading authority when it comes to the rules of language usage and so this online version of the book is sure to be of interest to most authors.


When to Submit: Are You Ready?

This is an informative article that examines what writers need to do before they submit their work to a publisher.  Though this article is aimed at print authors, the principles can be applied to publishing online.


Why I Killed My Muse...and You Should Too

This is a humorous article about how your "muse" can occasionally be your own worst enemy, causing you to leap between ideas and rewrite text so much that ultimately you accomplish nothing.